Bormeus Douciliun Permaeum is a 'fallen' Primus , and one of the only two in existence.

Starter World



Bormeus Douciliun Permaeum does not have a set appearance due to his race, though whilst so he is usually seen in the form of a male of some sort.


Bormeus was a loyal comrade, friend, and a somewhat compassionate person. Being willing to help those in need if it was of little inconvenience. Resolving just about any issue if he was the accidental cause of it, also valuing his friends and comrades very highly.

Though after his (literal) fall onto Nirn in the world of Aurbis and losing almost all of his power, he has now become a very cautious, merciless, and seemingly uncaring person when compared to his earlier self. Though there are a few exceptions to this carelessness.


Though it is unclear how, it is known that Bormeus, together with his sister, initiated creation.



Abilities and Powers

(Work in Progress)

Et'Adaic Domains

  • Greater Domains:
    • Intrigue (Plots, Betrayal, Deception, Murder)
    • Deals (Granting Wishes and Powers)
    • Lore
    • Astrology (Divination)
    • The Hunt
    • Manbeasts
    • Sworn Oath
    • Bloody Curse
    • Destruction
    • Change
    • Revolution
    • Ambition
    • Conquest
    • Slavery
    • Vampires
    • Secrets
    • Night
    • Darkness
    • Pestilence
    • Insanity
    • Art
    • Dreams
    • Nightmares
    • Evil Omens
  • Lesser Domains:
    • (TBA)

Primus Abilities

  • Passives:
    • Mana Absorption: Bormeus constantly absorbs the mana around him.
    • Primus' Natural Sense: Bormeus can easily sense magical energy, such as mana, and in high detail.
  • Actives:
    • Devour: Bormeus devours a creature or object, gaining the target's power and abilities.

Main Equipment

  • Arcanite Armor: 8 or more pieces of an ancient royal-looking golden armor. Aside from massively boosting the wearer's defense, it also allows it's wearer to change both the material that it's composed of, and the shape that it has, by will alone.


The Second Origin

Bormeus cares very deeply about his sister. Enough for him to be willing to continuously refrain from using lethal action against her whilst in lethal combat.

Though, as shown in the Dimensional Arena War, if left without any alternatives, he will use lethal action against her for his own survival.

Bormeus laments the possibility that he may have ended up truly killing her during the Dimensional Arena War, and continuously attempts to disprove the idea of her death.